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You finish med school like that you are a doctor. Right away. No trial, no nothing. Policy writing doctors, we have no special term for policy writing doctors. You are researching: right to doctor. You are teaching: right to doctor, right away. Clinical only: doctor. Non-clinical: doctor. You are charging too high prices for Botox, compounded lotions: doctor. Your patients eat undercooked fish? Believe it or not, doctor. They eat too much overcooked chicken, also doctor. Undercook, overcook. You make an appointment with the med school and show up, believe it or not, doctor, right away. We have the best doctors in the world because of schools.

Depends the context. Doctor is both a title and a job position. If you do a PhD, or other professional degree, your title is “Dr. X”, but your not a “doctor”. For example, a lawyer obtains a Doctor or Juris degree but they wouldn’t introduce themselves as a doctor. I would say if you obtain an MD but you don’t do residency or practice as a physician, you can introduce yourself as Dr. X, but you shouldn’t say “I am a doctor” if people ask you what you do. Just like a professor with a phd in history wouldn’t say “I am a doctor at the school who teaches history”

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Boards are specialty-dependent. All of them require completion of a residency. Some require you to already have an active and unrestricted state medical license. They're also optional; jobs may require board certification, but medical practice does not. (Personal opinion: the idea may be good, but the board exams and especially maintenance of certification process are racketeering to squeeze money out of physicians.)

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Kind of nuanced, so depending on how you interpret it, there could be different opinions. Personally, for me, if someone graduated medical school and thus has an MD, but never did at minimum an internship (which is required for a license) or never got board-certified, I'd say the person "has an MD or has a doctorate, but is not a [practicing] doctor," if that makes sense. In other words, they are not a "practicing" physician, although they have an MD degree.

Without the true residency training or clinical experience, for a clinical context they probably shouldn’t refer to themselves as a doctor.

I think this is common but mistaken terminology confusion. USMLE Step 1, Step 2, and Step 3 are not boards. They are the exams you have to take in the course of training; Steps 1 and 2 are required to be eligible to graduate and Match, while Step 3 is taken during training.

“I believe here in the U.S. system, we have something similar so long as the person completed one year of residency. I don’t think they have complete autonomy in our system, however.”